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On Monday the 25th of April we went into the hall to do Railyard Fitness. The Railyard Fitness equipment is blue with pillars and lids that connect onto benches that can be rounded or flat depending what way you put it together.
For the Railyard Fitness we did the bear crawl, the under and over, donkey kicks, lunge walk and sidestep. It was super and I think we all enjoyed it even though it was hard especially for me!!

Written by: Rose
Class: 5th

Tug of war.
On Monday a man came to our school to teach us about tug of war. He has competed for Ireland in it. He showed us the boots you wear for it, they have a metal heal to help you dig your foot into the ground. Before doing anything he also showed us how to hold the rope and lean correctly. Then we were split into teams of three and tried out holding and pulling the rope against a tree. Then we had a proper game of tug of war it was really hard to keep hold of the rope. At the end it was boys versus girls, and the girls won twice. And I think it was really fun and a good hard thing to do for our activity week.  
By Leon Erskine Hadden, 6th class.

On Tuesday 26th of April we did Pilates with Hilary. We did it for about half an hour. We used big stretchy rubber bands that helped us to exercise and work on body parts. We worked on our shoulders, necks, backs, abs and more. We were lying on mats to work out. It was really fun and sore though. At the end Hilary gave us some coke and lemon flavoured lolly pops.
By Amber Erskine Hadden.
5th Class

During Active Week we did running. At big break, on Monday and Wednesday, we went to the Greenway behind Lidl. Ms Donaghy and Ms Brickenden accompanied us. Us being 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th class. Ms Donaghy stood at the intersection and Ms Brickenden went half way up the hill. We ran from Ms Donaghy to Ms Brickenden and back. Then Ms Brickenden ran a bit further up the hill and we ran up to her and back to the intersection. We kept doing this for about 20 minutes. Personally my friends and I love running and I am part of the local athletics club. We would recommend hills training to anyone and everyone.
By Nora Holmes 6th class

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