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Middle Room
As part of their SESE (Social Environmental Scientific Education) the children in the middle room have been learning about the impact of litter and waste on our environment, whilst also working towards the school's 7th Green Flag - Global Citizenship Energy. They decided to band together and write to a local business familiar to all of them, encouraging them to consider using re-usable cups, plates and cutlery thereby reducing waste. Everyone of them wrote their own letter and we posted them off. The response from the Wild West play centre was amazing. Natalia went out of her way to read each letter and respond in person in detail to all the children's queries. She outlined changes they will be making including being a part of the 'no plastic straws' initiative in Westport and many more areas where they are making changes. She thanked the children for encouraging her business to look carefully and consider all the issues they mentioned. It was a real treat to have her visit us and especially as she brought us some ice-cream on a hot sunny day 😁 It's great that the children have learned that their voices can make a difference. Samples of some of the letters are included below
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