Market Day - Holy Trinity NS

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Whole School Events > 2015-2016
Market Day for Aror- Westport Partnership.
Pupils in 5th and 6th Class raised 208 euro for the Westport Aror Partnership charity. Aror is a town in Kenya, Africa which Westport has a partnership with. The pupils were selling different things at their stalls. We had cakes, lemonade, toys, books, games, cupcakes, cotton candy, waffles, licky dip. There were lots of games too. We had guess the name of the teddy, guess the weight of the cake, guess how many sweets were in the jar and guess the celebrity.  All the children in the school came to buy things and to play the games. Most of the stalls sold everything they had. The smaller children learned about using money. We all had a great time. By Max, 6th Class.
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