Our Green Flag 2016 - Holy Trinity NS

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Green Schools
Being Awarded our Green Schools Flag

At the start of the day three of the Green Schools committee got organised to go to Claremorris to be awarded our flag for ‘Global Citizenship: Litter and waste’. It was our sixth green flag. After, one of the Green Schools Committees parents came to collect and drive us to McWilliams Park Hotel. When we walked in the teacher or driver had to sign their name and each of us got a Green Schools bag with a pin, a water bottle, a ruler and a pencil in it. Then, we ate some lunch and played outside. After, we were called in to listen to a speech then, a quiz and then, the awards. When the quiz was over, we saw about ten other schools there both primary and secondary being awarded a flag. We then were awarded our flag and went back to school. I felt proud to be awarded our sixth green flag for the school. It was a good way to get out of school, spend time with your friends and still be educational.
Written by: a 6th Class pupil.

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