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We have been awarded our fourth Green Flag for Travel. Everyone has made a great effort to come to school in a sustainable way.

Holy Trinity has been a Green School for many years. We got our first flag in 2003 that was for litter and Waste. We all helped to keep our school tidy and we recycle paper and cardboard.  We started composting organic waste and we sent home sheets with information about litter. In 2005 we got our 2nd flag that was for energy. We switch off lights when they are not needed. We received our flag in Dublin. We sent home surveys to each family. We got our third flag in 2007 for Water. The Green school Committee went on a trip see where our water comes from and where our waste water goes to. We did water experiments and sent home information about how to use less water. In our school each classroom had a Tap detective which means they would check if the taps were turned off. We also have light detective and Litter Wardens.
We now have our 4th Green Flag for Travel. Everyone has made a big effort to travel to school in a sustainable way. We have learned all about road safety.

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