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Middle Room

The Normans

Pupils in the middle room (2nd, 3rd and 4th class) have been working on a project about the Normans. Here is some information about life in Norman times.

The Normans built forts on their new lands. They looked for a small hill if they couldn't find one they would have to make a big mound out of earth. It would take too long to build a stone castle, so heavy slabs of oak were used to make a fort. At the foot of the hill was an area with a high wooden fence. There was an area for the soldiers called the barracks and stables for the horses.
Eventually the Normans replaced the wooden castles with strong stone castles. They had four main rooms the chapel, the bedchamber, the kitchen and the Great Hall. The stone castles were almost better in every way!

In art we were put into groups of four, most groups made stone castles only one group made a wooden castle. We used various cardboard boxes, paper, paint, lollipop sticks and tin foil to make or castles.

By Medb Coffey
4th class       5 /12/11

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