Trip to Old Head Beach - Holy Trinity NS

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Whole School Events > 2015-2016
June 17th 2016, Everyone enjoyed our trip to Old Head Beach. We explored rockpools and beach materials with Marine Biologist Conor Ryan. We had a barbeque at lunchtime and enjoyed some produce from our school garden. Many thanks to the parents who came along to help out.
When we arrived at Old Head, some people took off their shoes and went for a paddle in the water. We had time to play and explore the beach first. Anneli and Beth prepared the food and when it was ready we all gathered together. We had delicious hotdogs and salad from our school garden. We had mint tea, lemon tea and water with cucumber in it. Afterwards we went for a walk to the other side of the pier and we saw lots of water creatures like jelly fish, crabs, plankton, and lots more. We learned about different types of seaweed. We had a really good time at Old Head Beach. By Eve, 6th Class.
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