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We have a Book Fair in school each November. During the week of the Book Fair an author is invited to our school.


On Wednesday 25 of November 2009 Tom McCaughren paid a visit to our school.
He was talking to us about his the books he wrote. In school we are reading
His book called Run with the Wind it's about a skulk of foxes. If you would
like to find out what happens you should read it . He also wrote five others.
He said they would be better to read in their sequence and they're all
numbered. He gave us a lot of information. He said that that the English
wanted Irish fox furs to make fur coats . So the amount of foxes that were being killed was around fifty thousand. It was only for their fur not anything else that they were killed. I enjoyed Tom McCaughren's visit and I enjoyed listening to him.

Daniel Horgan, 5th Class.

November 2008-      John Quinn's Visit
When our teacher told us John Quinn (author) was coming we were all very excited. He was very nice and funny.
He said that you have to be a sponge in order to soak up knowledge. He said to be a cat, as curious as a cat. He said to be a magpie to collect information. You have to be a daydreamer for imagination.
Robin 5th John 5th

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