Walkability Audit - Holy Trinity NS

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Beth's Walkability Audit
Planned Route    -            Holy Trinity - Newport Rd.

We walked from the school gate to the school crossing. We crossed the road with the help of the lollipop man. From there we walked on the pavement all the way until we meet the first road which is at Pinewoods . Here we crossed carefully looking in both directions. We continued along the pavement until the next crossing which is at Kings Hill. We carefully crossed this road looking again in both directions. After this the remainder of the journey is straight forward.

Hazard's observed along the route.

The traffic was very close and noisy. There were many potholes along the way. There was a lot of construction taking place on the pavement. This meant pedestrians had to cross the road. The sign which signaled our school to cars was broken.

Advantages observed along the route.

There were many bins situated on the footpath. The birds were singing and the walk was decorated with a lot of colorful flowers along the way. There was a wide footpath outside the school and a cheery, friendly lollipop man.

Daisy's Walkability Audit
Planned Route- Holy Trinity -The Octagon
The traffic lights were broken next to the estate agent, the button would not work so we had to go to a different one.
There was some glass on the footpath. The footpath was very lumpy and had holes in. The street lights were not working. Some of the drains were clogged. The footpath is very wide outside of school.

By Daisy, 2nd Class.

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