Autumn Term Newsletter 2019 - Holy Trinity NS

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Autumn Term Newsletter 2019
Welcome back to school. We hope you had an enjoyable summer. This year we welcome new Junior Infants; Matthew, Abigail, Simon, Max, Grace, Émilie, Sophie, Jessica, Xavier, and Jenny. We also welcome Zoe to 3rd Class and Áine, our new SNA to the Junior Room.

Rev. Val’s Retirement and Harvest Soup
Val is retiring from Holy Trinity church at the end of September. We invite Val and Josie to our annual Harvest Soup on Friday 27th September at 12.00. We will present him with a piece of art from a local artist at this assembly.
Please can each child bring one vegetable for the senior room to make the soup on the day.

The senior classes will be taking part in a fused glass project as part of Westival children’s workshops. Linda Molloy and Emma Bourke are local artists who will facilitate workshops.

School Charter of Rights and Responsibilities
We have a School Charter of Rights and Responsibilities.
This was inspired by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and was launched by Enda Kenny TD. Please read and sign attached Charter as it underpins our aim to strive for best learning experiences for our children.
Please return Charter so that it can be attached to homework diary.

Forest School
Forest School will continue this year. This will feature regular sessions in a woodland rather than a one-off visit. It is envisaged that classes will make weekly visits to Westport House over a certain timeframe. We plan that children will have the opportunity to experience the curriculum outside. Parents will be given notice of “Forest Days” and children will need to come to school with appropriate clothing and footwear. More details to follow...

New School
The story so far.....The Scoil Phadraig site transferred to the Dept of Education in July this year. We are on the Dept of Education Schools’ building list and are now actively seeking to get our building project started.

Green School
As part of the Green Schools’ Programme we aim to lessen our waste.  We have a healthy eating policy so please do not give your child fizzy drinks, sweets, chocolate bars or crisps for lunch. We ask that each child has a lunchbox and takes home his/her own lunchtime waste.

School books
We operate a book rental scheme. All textbooks are rented for a small fee. Workbooks and copies have to be paid for in full. A bill will be sent to you at the end of September. Please ensure homework journal and textbooks are covered.

School Opening Time
School opens at 9.05am. Children are supervised from 8.55am. There is NO supervision before this time. Lessons commence at 9.25am. Please ensure you arrive before 9.25 as homework and corrections etc are addressed at this time. Late entry disrupts your child’s day. Junior and Senior Infant collection is at 1.45pm. Please collect infants promptly at 1.45pm. This ensures first class have their teacher to themselves for the last hour of the day. School ends at 2.45pm for other classes.

Board of Management
The Board of Management has overall responsibility for the school. It has 8 members and its tenure is renewed every 4 years. The board of management will change this year and a new board must be in place by December. The PA will facilitate voting for male and female parent representatives very soon.

Child Safety Statement and Risk Assessment:  Anti-Bullying Policy
The board of management`s annual review of the Child Safeguarding Safety Statement was completed at the BoM meeting of Tuesday 17th September. This review was conducted in accordance with “Checklist for Review of the Child Safeguarding Statement” published on the Department`s website .i.e. The .annual review of the anti-bullying policy was also completed These documents are located in the policy section of our website and in hard copy in the entrance hall.

School Self Evaluation
This year we will continue to expand our Digital Learning Policy. We will also look at the teaching of spelling throughout the school and we will gather data from parents and children about homework.
In addition we will review the Equal Opportunities Policy, Sexual Harassment Policy, Science and Drama. We will keep you updated and give opportunity to contribute to all policies as they are reviewed.

New Primary Language Curriculum
Please note school is closed on Friday 25th October for school in –service on the New Primary Language Curriculum. There will also be a half –day closure in the Spring term. No date yet for half day closure.

Croke Park Agreement
School management implements the Croke Park Agreement, which stipulates that teachers work 36 additional hours over the course of the primary school year. This time is spent on school planning, continuous professional development, induction, policy development, supervision, staff meetings, nationally planned in-service and school arranged in-service.

School Website and Facebook Page
Do check out the school website and Facebook as it is regularly updated and school activities are displayed there.

The school is obliged to advise Tusla, Child and Family Agency if a child is absent for 20 days or more in the school year. If your child is absent from school for any reason it is very important that you inform the school.

Drama, Tin Whistle, Irish Dancing classes continue in school this year.
June Allison teaches drama to all on Thursdays.
Des Cafferkey teaches Tin Whistle to 1st to 6th classes on Mondays.
Bernadine Cresham teaches Irish Dancing to Junior and Senior Rooms on Mondays and to the Middle Room on Thursdays during Autumn and Spring Term.
Please make sure your child has their tin whistle with them each Monday.
A subsidised bill for activities will be sent to you at the end of term.

P.E.: Please ensure your child comes to school in appropriate clothing and footwear on PE days.
Junior Room PE is on Tuesdays
Middle Room on Fridays
Senior Room on Fridays

Also please have a raincoat every day as even if it is raining at break times we will go outside and otherwise your child will get wet.

Dressing Up Day
Dressing up day will take place on Thursday 24th October. Children may come to school in any costume they wish. The emphasis is on re-using and re-cycling and is part of our green school’s programme.

Homework is set each day Monday to Thursday. It usually consists of oral and written work and tends not to be ‘new’ work. It reinforces what has been done in class. You can help by providing a quiet place to work, by asking spellings and tables, by listening to reading and by giving help where needed. Please feel free to correct work where necessary. Please ensure your child’s homework is completed and presented as well as they are able, and sign their homework diary accordingly. It is especially important as your child progresses through primary school to check homework as future study patterns are set in these years. The homework diary is a good way to communicate with your child’s teacher so feel free to use it to send notes and messages.

School Bag
Please ensure your child is equipped for the school day.
Senior Room: Black, blue and red biro, pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler, colouring pencils, protractor, compass, a named pritt stick and a simple calculator.
Middle Room: Pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler, a named pritt stick and colouring pencils. 4th class also need a simple calculator.
Junior Room: Named writing pencils, colouring pencils, eraser, a named pritt stick and sharpener.

And Finally.....
We wish to work in partnership with you. If you have any concerns or queries, please feel free to make an appointment to meet with your child’s teacher. We will have Parent/Teacher meetings later on in the term but we are very happy to meet with you at an arranged time throughout the year.

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