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FRIENDSHIP WEEK FEAST – Rory Browne Tobia 6th class  
The week before mid-term was Friendship Week. We spent the week sticking to the motto "R.A.K." ( random acts of kindness ). Then at the end of the week all the sixth class pupils gathered pupils from all the younger classes, brought them upstairs into the school hall and then played a board game together. After that, every group received a plate or tray of food and biscuits. This event allows the children to get to know children from different classes and to make new friends. After every group had finished eating, the sixth class pupils tidied up the scraps and leftover food and then returned back to their classroom.

February 9th- 13th 2015

Friendship  Week -    Becki  Kennedy 5th class
Holy Trinity School has Friendship Week one week before mid term break every year. For Friendship Week our school tries everything to be kind and helpful to each other. This year [2015] every classroom had a Random Acts of Kindness Tree; which is a little wooden tree that we write on; things that other people have done for us. Everyone wrote on a little love heart shaped sticky note with something that someone has said or done for us. Another thing we did as part of Friendship Week was that we watched a three minute video called How to Beat a Bully Without using your Fists. All of Friendship Week we were learning how to: sort out problems, how to control our anger, how our body works when we’re angry and lots more. We also had a feast on the very last day of Friendship Week where we played games and had some really nice treats.

Friendship poems

There was once a girl called Lily
She really was so silly
She took a hook
And attached it to her book
And picked a daffadilly.

         By Robin

There once was a girl called Anna
She never ate a banana
She likes to be funny
Her nose was always runny
She likes the song sweet home Alabama

By Amber

There once was a boy called Jim
He really liked to swim
His friend was Kim
She lost a limb
And she didn’t have a phone sim

By Adam

My Ma was from Armagh
She had a row with my Da
My Grampa came for tea
And climbed a tree

By Milo

There once was a girl called  cara

By Rose

There was a girl called Robin
In her hair there was a bobbin
She went in a taxi
With her friend maxi
And came back sobbin

By A

There once was a girl called eireann
She had a nice pet heron
They flew together
Whatever the weather
And they always loved sharing



Once there was a boy called Ivan
He liked to drive a van
He pushed down the throttle
He was a good model
He was a good friend

By  Callum

There once was an odd looking snake
he looked as if he was fake
he liked to hiss by the lake
he was the big boss
and he was very cross
then one day he had a great loss
a new snake came to the lake
and he lost his piace as boss .

by D

There once was a girl called eleanora
she had a friend called nora
they always said hello
and they liked to eat a marsh mellow
and loved the movie called cora.

By E

There once was a girl could kate.
She sat at the end of a gate.
She fell down.
And broke her crown.
All at the age of eight!

By Isabella.

Once there was a mum.
Who made food that was yum.
She made cleaning fun.                     
Even though that sounds dum.  
She loved chewing gum.  
But  I don’t  know about rum.

By Lilymae

There was a boy called Jake
He ate a flake of the big cupcake
And won a rake
And he never liked to bake

By L

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