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Middle Room > 2008-2011

Friendly people
Really fun
Ideal friendship
Eat ice cream with my friend
No fighting
Days are funny
Snow balls fights
Happy people
Interesting people
People funny people
 By Rory  (2nd class)

Friendly people
Really fun
Interesting facts
New stuff
Deciding things
Silly stuff
Hill climbing
Ideal friends
People that are nice to me
By Daniel   (2nd class)

Friendly fun
Reunited friends
Interesting times
Exciting adventures
Nice fun
Delicious cakes together
Playful times
By Ciara (3rd class)

Really nice
Ice cream together
End of fights
Never lie
Dance together
Snow ball fights
Happy days
Play games

By Conor ( 3rd class)

Friendship is so
Really fun.
Icing cakes and
Eating them.
Never are we bored together,
Having fun.
Ideal friends are we,
Partying with glee!

By Saskia (4th class)

Forever friends
Rocking nights
Ideas so stupid make us laugh
Every where we go
Never fighting
Deadly films
Savage friends
Helping each other
Interesting places
Partying till night

By Daniel  (4th class)

Friends forever
Really fun times
Ice cream together
Endless fun
Never fighting
Dancing together
Sharing toys
Helping each other
Interesting adventures
Playing all day.

By Sadhbh  (4thclass)

Funny faces
Running wild
If I fall over
Everyone picks me up
Defending each other
Surfing and splashing
Hide and seek
Ice skating
Playing cards


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